Friday, November 26, 2010

November 2010 update

Small brief update of Cathcart family of boys...Preston arrived home from his mission March 2010. It was an awesome reunion! Tanner left on his mission to Texas Ft Worth mission July 28th. He is greatly missed, but is doing fantastic! He's already training a new missionary after barely being trained. Devin and Nathan just finished swim team season and marching band season.

We got a new mastiff puppy first of Sept. Took her, Zena, camping with us in Mt. Graham at 6 weeks old. She just passed away the day after Thanksgiving with a blockage of some sort. She was already huge and still growing. We got our "non-cat-family" cat's fixed last week...hip hip hooray.

Gone to Pima & Safford for Thanksgiving, great time with the Jarvis's that were there, shopping at Walmart was good for me and bad for the pocket book. Dennis took all the boys out hunting quail and mostly shooting practice with his whole arsenal. I will try to post pics soon.

I love my family Cathcart/Jarvis...they are THE BEST!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

updating Cathcart family Feb 2010

Friday, August 28, 2009

Aug 09

Tanner home from his 3 week mini mission and the boys like each other! yay
Devin gets braces
Nathan 1st day of 8th grade
Devin 1st day of school as a sophmore here's a favorite site...Mt Graham!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jul 09

One of my favorite views! cotton fields in Pima with purple mts in background
Elder Cathcart off to his mini mission with Elder Wesche!
Yummy fudge icecream bar says my niece!
Singing with some of my favorites!

Girls Camp...need I say more?

Wonderful entertaining and talented cooks!
Catch Ginny catch!
"I cant reach AM"
Oh the wonderful Wasabi/Soy Almond contest
Whose that awesome stake staff?

June events 09

Crawdad fest!
Met friends at Temple Visitor's Center
Not bad pic for sticking camera out window as we drove past

First Aid Pre-certification night for Girls Camp
On their way to Scout Camp!

Catching up from May 09

Tennis Team Seniors
Devin at baseball game
Our awesome youth at Lynn's baptism
Devin doing "yard work" and pinching Nates head off with his giant mitts!
Devin's awesome yard work design

The "Nerd" dance at Adam's Grad Luau
Adam, Tanner, & David

the Fam!

Hip Hip Horray...he did it!


Well, Im pretty far behind on my blogging skills! I mostly just like posting pictures and letting whoever looks figure it all out, so I think thats what I'll do. I love other people's blogs, so I thought I really need to update mine as well. Here goes...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Youth Olympics 09

Dennis getting the boys ready for bike race
Tanner singing his "gold medal" song at performing arts
Tanner and Devin had to face off nearly at the beginning
Hard to believe in mid Jan. it was this warm at racquetball
Tanner what are you wearing!!!! dress up helps promote spirit!

More family events

Tanner and Dennis while taking down Christmas lights!Adalyn wearing jammies that Tanner sewed for Youth Olympics
Dennis in Mt Graham in the snow
Mom and Dad Jarvis opening their family "poster"from their 50th wedding anniversary reunion
Me and my fav. cousin Nan Ü and her hubby Allan

Cathcart family volleyball

This is part of what we did over Christmas break!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tanner's Eagle Project

Tanner organized a team to remove bleachers, clear out areas, pour concrete under bleachers for better safety and return bleachers to concrete slabs
on the 1st work day the clouds rolled in as it had rained the entire week almost so we were hoping to not work in the pouring rain...After a little faith and prayer...out poked the Suns beautiful face and we had a sunny dry work day on day 1 of the project!The "muscle men" moved the bleachers off to the side so we could clear out the weeds, and level the dirt.
Then in went the forms, with more dirt leveling.Had to remove old 2x4's from bottom of bleachers and replace with new unweathered ones.
Shouldn't there always be a time out for some R&RHere comes the cement truck with the mud
Everyone finds their place and begins working like a well oiled machine
Tanner learns some finishing tips as he "finishes" one of the slabs