Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tanner's Eagle Project

Tanner organized a team to remove bleachers, clear out areas, pour concrete under bleachers for better safety and return bleachers to concrete slabs
on the 1st work day the clouds rolled in as it had rained the entire week almost so we were hoping to not work in the pouring rain...After a little faith and prayer...out poked the Suns beautiful face and we had a sunny dry work day on day 1 of the project!The "muscle men" moved the bleachers off to the side so we could clear out the weeds, and level the dirt.
Then in went the forms, with more dirt leveling.Had to remove old 2x4's from bottom of bleachers and replace with new unweathered ones.
Shouldn't there always be a time out for some R&RHere comes the cement truck with the mud
Everyone finds their place and begins working like a well oiled machine
Tanner learns some finishing tips as he "finishes" one of the slabs


Rushele said...

Nice work Tanner!!
Looks like he had a great crew helping him out!

Machelle said...

Awesome Job Tanner and co. I am very proud of you. Mom and Dad too.